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Actimins® Dental Desensitizer

Datsing Actimins®is a new type dental desensitizer with the first application of bioactive nanocrystal minimal powder in China. Developed from Bio-glass, the Nano sized bioactive minimal power can go instantly into the dentinal tubule for 90μm when contact with saliva, and react instantly and continuously to effectively occlude the exposed dentin tubule and alleviate the hypersensitiveness; besides, it reduces the gingival inflammation symptoms due to its antibacterial property.


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Treat tooth hypersensitivity;Treat gingivitis and gingival blooding;Promote tooth remineralization
Inhibit periodontal bacteria and inflammation;Prevent caries and tooth demineralization;Cure early childhood caries




1. Effective occlusion+ Mineralized repair

The nanocrystallization bioactive mineral power is mainly composed of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and silicon.


Step 1: Raise PH values
Actimins reacts with saliva and releases Na+ ions, making the PH value goes up to 8-8.5, which is the ideal condition to form hydroxyapatite (HAp).


Step2: Release mineral
The Actimins continuously releases numerous

active constituents--silica, calcium and phosphorous

and then form a calcium phosphate layer.


Step3: Form crystal layer
The calcium phosphate layer is crystalized into carbonated hydroxyapatite (the analogue ofenamel)

around and inside the dentinal tubules to occlude the tubule and eliminate tooth hypersensitivity.


2. Improve oral environment
The Na and Ca ions released by Actimins can change the osmotic potential in the oral environment and lead to the bacteria cell dehydration. As a result, the harmful bacteria (e.g. F. nucleatum, Streptococcus mutans, actinomyces naeslundii, streptococcus sanguis) are inhibited; the dental caries and gingival inflammationcaused by bacterial are effectively alleviated.



Does not contain toxic or irritated ingredients like fluoride, triclosan, glutaraldehyde, HEMA, thus is applicable for various types of population, including pregnant women and children.

Does not contain medicine addictive, suitable for long term use.

Has no harm to tissue.

Easy to apply in clinic or by patients at-home