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Beijing Datsing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is a high tech enterprise with the leading position in biomaterial industry in China. Founded in 2001, its business scope covered the developing, manufacturing and serving on Bio-materials, regenerative medicines & tissue engineering, stem cells and biotherapy.


Up to now, Datsing has owned more than 40 patents in China, with many of them the most advanced technology in the world. These technologies involved in the medical area of tissueengineered bones and tissue-engineered tendon, natural restorative materials, and functional macromolecule materials.

Datsing owns a talent team which is composed of experts, professors, doctors, and masters. 72.6% of the company personnel own the bachelor’s degree or above. And since its foundation, Datsing has undertaken various key projects from national technology department, Beijing City and Sichuan province. More than 200 papers are published on the professional academic journals and conferences.

Datsing has invested and built a modern GMP plant and labs in Changping scientific industrial park. With an area of 3000m2, this plant has the ability to produce Class III medical devices, it also includes the large-scale cell culturing workshop, production line for cell and scaffold materials composite products, bacterial detection room and physical and chemical laboratory.





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ISO9001 & ISO 13485 certificate

As a world leading bio-tech company, Datsing will focus on field of Bio-materials, regenerative medicines & tissue engineering, stem cells & biotherapy. With the spirit of passion and resilience, the pursing of innovation and development, Datsing will be sure to climb over the Everest mountain of life science, and offers a better solution for human health.